Poseidon........Ox Ox

    Skin:       - Evian -      Skin Poseidon Olympus Deities         - NEW-

    - POSEIDON -

Known as the Greek god of oceans and earth tremors, Poseidon is a deity who demands to be worshipped, and now you can be adored too by wearing this fresh new skin from Evian.

Poseidon has a quiet type of sex appeal; he doesn’t need to shout his presence – the world is already aware of him and his every move.

This is the skin for men who understand that true power comes from within. With his rippling muscles, deep set gaze and smooth, wave kissed skin, Poseidon has a mystical beauty that is uniquely his.

Step away from being just a man and embrace the world as a god…

Each skin pack contain 8 different skin styles

Skin tone fat packs and the ALL skins tones fat pack included 35+ beards

All the fat packs included also vividtone layers!   Thanks Ramses Kiss

Hair:        - Cheerno -       Hair Danny Blond       - NEW -

Boxer:        - Flow -        Swimming Trunks Blacku(Marketplace)


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