Sexi,Hot,Eros By Evian.....Ox Ox

   Skin:         - Evian -          Skin Eros Medium Tone          - NEW -

  The very first in the series of ‘Gods of Olympus’ skins from Evian is Eros: the
ultimate God of love and erotic pleasures. Inspire lust and devotion in all those
around you by wearing this divine skin.

Eros is sensual skin that speaks of unknown pleasures, erotic fantasies and with the
power to seduce your heart’s desire.

His incredible athletic physique is honed from hours of hunting in the wilds, giving
him a natural muscle tone that will suit any shape. His strong jawline and carved
cheekbones are a sexy reminder of his godlike status.

Eros is the God of desire. Be careful how you use this new found power….

Each skin pack contain 8 different skin styles

Skin tone fat packs and the ALL skins tones fat pack included 35+ beards

All thhe fat packs included also vividtone layers!   􀀁

SIX new EXCLUSIVE beards for this new skin

 Tattoo:    - Aitui -   Whit Force We Go

 Hair:       -Tableu Vivant - Smolderholder    Black




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